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Welcome to PTData

PTData collects raw data from the PTV API and presents it in a tabular format. Using this tool you can browse the stops, routes and patterns of the Victorian Public Transport network, and on top of that, export the data into various formats and applications for further analysis.

As it presently stands, the site can only view data directly from the PTV API. It is eventually planned for the implementation of recording of historical data and the proper handling of real-time data. Real-time data is presently not displayed as this site is heavily cached as to alleviate load on the PTV API.

If you have any feedback on the site, feel free to shoot me an email or leave an issue on Github. This site is open-source; pull requests are welcome. If you wish to support my hobbyist efforts directly, you can donate to me via PayPal.

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PTData Copyright (c) 2019 Nick Vella, licensed under MIT - - feedback: nick at nxk dot io
All data copyright PTV. PTData is not in any way affiliated with PTV.